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What is SAP C4C?

SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C) is a software as a service (SaaS) cloud offering from SAP that runs on the SAP HANA cloud platform. This cloud CRM combines sales, customer, service, and social selling tools, which enables sales representatives to interact with customers in more meaningful ways and develop strong personal connections that allow for improved engagement across all the communication channels. SAP C4C focuses on an improved and easy user experience that is based on the Fiori design principles.

With SAP CPQ, it is possible to create customer and dealer portals that allow for product configuration and solution selling in the SAP backend, thus enabling the internal sales front office, dealers, and clients to collaborate more efficiently on opportunities, leads, configurations, and quotes.

Solution Capabilities

  • Runs directly on the Hybris E-Commerce platform with a completely configurable web presence for solutions and products
  • Integrates seamlessly to SALESFORCE automation, analytics, and order management
  • Uses configurable products that already exist for SAP Variant Configuration (VC), Internet Pricing and Configuration (IPC), and SSC and integrates the CPQ configuration and Hybris to the SAP backend
  • Supports integration with SAP Hybris, SAP C4C (Cloud for Customer), SAP cloud for Mobile, and SAP ERP, and deployment can be either on-prem or on cloud
  • Enriches the values and options replicated from the ERP VC model, without impacting the integrity of the model and at the same time reducing the problems at the order entry stage, which results in improved flexibility for sales and marketing teams
  • Allows users to create and use one consistent configuration model across manufacturing, sales, and guided selling and solution
  • Permits use of product and solution modeling based on the business’s needs in order to enhance the end customer’s experience
SAP Hybris Sales Cloud

Engage and win, any time: SAP Hybris Sales Cloud allows for a better understanding of the client’s unique challenges and the industry in which they are based. It also provides deeper insights into the products and services that will help clients accomplish their goals. The platform enables sales teams to get quicker access to client information, provides analytics in real time, and includes tools for social selling. As a result of these improved set of capabilities that go beyond traditional SaaS customer relationship management platforms, sales teams are able to take the right course of action and are thus able to win and engage at any time and from anywhere.

SAP Hybris Service Cloud

Engage more personally and relevantly, while staying a step ahead: SAP Hybris Service Cloud allows for the empowerment of call center representatives and help desk teams because the platform gives them access to complete and detailed client information and real-time insight and analytics into field service performance. This simplifies the process of identifying and solving problems, thus making it easier and faster to engage with customers. It also allows you to provide multiple service channels while ensuring consistent service across all channels.

SAP Hybris Social Engagement Cloud

Engage with clients on social media: In today’s day and age, clients are using the social web to share the brand, service, and product experiences. As a result, you do not want to miss out on an opportunity to engage with them online. With SAP Hybris Social Engagement Cloud, you can enrich the client’s experience by allowing for social media integration across the support and service channels. This enables you to react faster and in a more relevant manner, whenever the brand is discussed online. This enables you to protect and improve the brand’s reputation while allowing you to improve customer loyalty wherever the clients like to hang out. This software consists of tools that provide access to social media analytics, allow for real-time social media monitoring, and even improve engagement.

Solution Capabilities

  • Cloud deployment
  • Pre-built integrations to SAP CRM, SAP ERP, and mobile interfaces with cloud and on-premise SAP and non-SAP systems
  • Available on a per-user subscription basis
  • Unified and seamless sales experience across all the communication channels
  • The ability to influence your client’s buying journeys
  • The ability for sales reps to sell anywhere and at any time
  • Omni-channel customer care and service
  • Social media monitoring and analytics


  • Deliver a seamless and best-in-class customer experience across all channels of communication including mobile devices, social media, online, in-person, and over the phone
  • Collaborate effectively with the sales and customer service teams to enables shortened sales cycles, improved customer engagement, and lowered training costs
  • Improve productivity by providing support teams with quicker access to client information
  • Track real-time insights and analytics, such as predictive modeling, statistical analytics, simulations, and so on.
  • Access to a 360-degree customer view with integration to SAP ERP
  • Sell and service intelligently at anytime, anywhere, and on any device