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What is CPQ?

SAP Configure, Price, and Quote (SAP CPQ) on Hybris E-Commerce is a sales configuration solution that is designed to allow clients, sales teams, and partners to accurately and efficiently create proposals and configure, price, quote, and order complex products and solutions that deliver what the end client needs. It is essentially an omni-channel that combines client, channel partner, and internal sales channels.

With SAP CPQ, it is possible to create customer and dealer portals that allow for product configuration and solution selling in the SAP backend, thus enabling the internal sales front office, dealers, and clients to collaborate more efficiently on opportunities, leads, configurations, and quotes.

Solution Capabilities

  • Runs directly on the Hybris E-Commerce platform with a completely configurable web presence for solutions and products
  • Integrates seamlessly to SALESFORCE automation, analytics, and order management
  • Uses configurable products that already exist for SAP Variant Configuration (VC), Internet Pricing and Configuration (IPC), and SSC and integrates the CPQ configuration and Hybris to the SAP backend
  • Supports integration with SAP Hybris, SAP C4C (Cloud for Customer), SAP cloud for Mobile, and SAP ERP, and deployment can be either on-prem or on cloud
  • Enriches the values and options replicated from the ERP VC model, without impacting the integrity of the model and at the same time reducing the problems at the order entry stage, which results in improved flexibility for sales and marketing teams
  • Allows users to create and use one consistent configuration model across manufacturing, sales, and guided selling and solution
  • Permits use of product and solution modeling based on the business’s needs in order to enhance the end customer’s experience


With SAP CPQ on Hybris, you can:

  • Have one consistent model approach on an integrated platform that is easy to use, adapt, and enhance
  • Collaborate more efficiently on leads, configurations, prices, quotes, and opportunities
  • Sell more configurable solutions and products by offering a modern, user-friendly, and immersive self-service solution in the hybris portals, thus enhancing the buying experience of clients
  • Reduce quote-to-order time by integrating the E-Commerce catalog and CPQ data processes across clients, channel partners, and internal sales teams
  • Deliver speedy and accurate quotations and proposal documents to B2B and B2C clients, even in engineer-to-order scenarios with lot sizes varying from 1 to 1 million
  • Improve sales efficiency by providing an assisted selling experience to sales representatives that enables them to input configurations easily that are tailored to fit the client’s needs
  • Provide improved flexibility for the sales and marketing teams by enabling them to enrich values and options directly on SAP CPQ on the Hybris platform

Tricopp Advantage

  • Boost profit margins, increase deal volume and size, and improve customer experience
  • Flexible deployment – on-premise, cloud, mobile
  • 24/7 support for engineer-to-order, configure-to-order, and assemble-to-order with easy transition
  • Fast and agile configurations that are designed for high volume, from simple to complex product and solution models