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SAP Cloud Analytics

What is Cloud Analytics?

Whether you are at your workplace, home office, or in front of a client, access the SAP Analytics Cloud Solution with ease. By doing so, you can analyze, plan, and collaborate on a unified platform, that is in the cloud. Created natively on the SAP Cloud Platform, this solution is optimized for performance and scalability. Built as a platform as a service, the SAP Analytics Cloud Solution is capable of meeting your ever-changing business-specific requirements and needs, with minimal technical delays.


Business Intelligence
  • Cloud-based business intelligence straight from your browser instead of through new software on your computer
  • Gain access to important data sources such as SAP HANA, SAP Analytics solutions, and other applications
  • Filter and visualize data quickly through intelligent dashboards
  • Receive real-time data through powerful analytics tools
  • Embedded Big Data analytics features allow you to have self-service business intelligence capabilities
  • Social collaboration tools allow you to easily share information

Smart Assist

  • With predictive functions, Smart Discovery allows you to make better-informed decisions to optimize your KPIs
  • Smart Insights allows you to discover what affects your data points, regardless of complexity
  • Smart Transformations lets you automate data preparation workflows so you can quickly prep your data
  • Smart Grouping automatically creates clusters of similar data points based on the information you’ve selected

Performance Optimization

  • Embedded real-time analytics help you make rapid decisions
  • Collaboratively create and modify financial planning models
  • Calendar function integrates with the workflows so you can set up schedules and alerts
  • SAP Business Planning and Consolidation data integration builds a more comprehensive view of your data
  • Create targeted reports using advanced reporting features
  • SAP HANA’s compute engine speeds up advanced calculations


  • Highly user-friendly experience, which leads to increased productivity
  • Advanced collaboration tools and smart decisions outputting better business results
  • Cloud-based service removes any technical barriers
  • SaaS product reduces the overall cost of ownership for all users